31 January 2008

The Cabled Shrug from VK Winter 07/08
The Cabled Shrug started in Rowan Tapestry (blue/grey)
The thickness and the thinness of it all
Showing how the thickness and the thinness translates to the pattern

Alrighty then.
Since I'm now a Ravelry poster(!) - username: newswoman - t is imperitive that Flickr works for the illustration of projects. Not that anyone has perused me. Still.
And I couldn't upload these simple photographs today.
Tried to do all 4; directed to an API page. Tried one at a time, same thing.
Tried all four again: Nuttin'

I'll try again, later. I want it easy.

As with all Vogue Knitting patterns, yes, each and every one, I had trouble with the cast-on relating to the chart. The instruction call for 61 stitches cast-on, which I did. Then work row 1 of the chart, sts 1-32, then sts 5-32. 32 + 28 = 60 in knit math.
I work the said 60 sts with 60 sts cast-on and have four sts left to work and I'm out of cast-on sts. I have made a mistake? Surely it is me. I frog.
Cast-on 60 sts again. Knit purl knit across chart. Still 4 short. I backward-loop 4 sts.
And so it goes until the first increase row. ** sigh **
Now, of course, I have too many sts when I come to the end. So, instead of k1, p1 in one st, three times, I only do it once, knit across sts and I'm fine.
I haven't gone to the VK site to see if there are corrections on this particular pattern.
Yes, I paid attention (I can be accused of not doing so, however).

The finished piece is supposed to measure 22 inches across. When I measure 11 inches from my shoulder to my chest I think the girls will be showing and the girls are supposed to be covered. I do not mirror the flat-chested model in the photo. So I may be making some adjustments to the hem. I've got ideas brewing. We'll see.

Now. Rowan Tapestry. 70% wool, 30% soy.
Wish I had #8 bamboo needles. Its a bit slippery on the aluminum set.
I'm a bit disappointed that there are only three mild color changes - that's my fault. If I wanted the surprise colorway shown in the picture, I should have purchased the Noro/FKI. What I have is nice, and conservative, and will go with many things.

First of all I'm getting a lot of mileage (131 yds per skein). I purchased 10 little patties, have about 6-1/2 inches finished and haven't budged the skein much. Very nice.

The twist is alternately tight, just right and non-existent. This feature, I understand, is quite the fad. And this is a loose, casual garment, so the bumps and dips are fine. The Rowan catalogue for Tapestry shows some structured sweaters though ... and I wonder.

30 January 2008

Smith Notes for 30 Jan 08

The hopes and dreams of another chili title got foggy for the Heyerly's Meat Market cooking team over the weekend.
Their marvelous and award-winning recipe was over looked at the Fire and Ice Festival in Columbia City.
Well, we win some and we lose some in a contest. All is not lost in this case because the chili is available for the tasting this week at the grocery store.
However, we do have winners we can call our own.
Tribune-News correspondent Jennifer Zartman-Romano and her sister Sarah won first place in the Whitley County Council on Aging's cook-off, part of the Fire and Ice Festival. JZ-R not only writes and takes photos for the Tribune-News she helps put pages together Monday nights.
Jennifer, pictured above, second from right, is sporting a sweatshirt with a Talk of the Town logo. Talk of the Town is the name of her online newspaper where she posts articles and pictures on a nearly daily basis. www.talkofthetownwc.com Her stories and images focus on non-profit organizations and events ... all "good" news!
Another familiar face in the photograph above belongs to Kelly Sheiss, a correspondent for the Columbia City newspaper, who attends the South Whitley Town Council and Whitko school board meetings.

My first encounter with a computer came as a communications operator for the US Navy back in '76.
Then, we entered code into a door panel, that led into a room with banks of equipment from floor to ceiling. On each computer compartment there were shelves that swung down to accept a punch card. The shelf swung back up when the card was placed, a code was entered, and the room clicked and whirled into life.
This equipment was linked to teletype machines. The operator typed a message that resulted in punched, inch-wide ticker-tape. Another piece of machinery read the punched code and sent the message off to its destination.
Today, I press buttons to fire up the equipment and speak commands (that are obeyed!) into my cell phone.

For the last 10 years the newspaper industry has wrestled with the Internet, alternately embracing and cursing the medium.
Phil says its the wave of the future, while not being able to quite define the coming days.
Newspaper Web sites don't offer everything that can be found on the printed page. In tour of the national and regional offerings some stories are offered for free; other items come with a fee. Some stick to the "hard" news; others are sensational. Some are subscriber-based; some are wholly advertiser-supported.

JZ-R's Talk of the Town format allows her to post stories and photographs immediately. That has delicious appeal.
At the Tribune-News, we've discussed a Web site. EVERYONE has one, we hear. Not quite true, but near enough.
Just the idea of being able to showcase all of Phil's photographs in glorious color is a real incentive. Folks, because of space considerations we cannot provide the half of the things he sees through a lense.
Quite frankly, I have time, equipment and personnel issues to consider. Time to give to such an enterprise, the equipment to support such a program and people or persons to maintain and monitor the site.

And for me, old-schooled and cautious as I am, having a Web site has its appeal. It's something to consider in the coming weeks and I'll keep you posted.

18 January 2008

Lament for Arwen
All right, I've decided.
The Cardigan for Arwen will be frogged.
Completely frogged.
Last night I started knitting backwards, just because I can, and three inches later looked down to see a noticeable change in gauge. Note to self: Either knit backwards on the entire project or ... don't.
So ... peeu.
I love the yarn and have enough (obviously) to make a sweater, however, I just tossed an old brown vest yesterday. So I think a new one is in order. Simple, V-necked, knit in the round, of my own design. Probably enough left over for some fancy fingerless mitts.

17 January 2008

A is for Alex

13 January 2008

Frog City
Back in April I presented this fine photo. Front left of the Cardigan for Arwen.
She's been frogged. I put her down and knit other things! I took over a newspaper business!
I, I, I took meticulous notes and still lost my place on the cable charts. The beautiful cables were a mess.
So. I've got a new plan. One stinking chart at a time.
I'm going to make the front cables a panel, knit seperately and sewn onto the fronts and hood.
I'll incorporate the cuff cables in the knitting.

I hope to have it done by the end of February. Its the perfect spring/fall sweater. I have several other UFOs and/or froggings to do and I want to get on those Ravelry groups. And I came across a cool, cool, cool sock club today. I need more socks. But, dang, this one averaged out to $40 every other month for six socks at the end of the year. And, I still have to knit them! I think I can get sock yarn for less, although they won't be as cool.

I came across my bicycle gloves today. It's an Interweave Knits pattern. One glove nearly complete, except for the thumb! I'd completely forgotten about it. Gaaaa!

I really, really want to make the Cobblestone Sweater for Phil. He approved it and Kathy has some Rowan tweedish cotton that would be perfect for the project. Can't knit anything for him in wool or he'll sweat to death!

10 January 2008

The Cape. She is done.

04 January 2008

Hey! I'm on Ravelry.
And its cool.
I posted my first project and I've been poking around, looking at groups.